At Snapology you can give you child the fun activities they desire, while they build social skills, friendships, and a love for the S.T.E.A.M. feilds!


March 16th is Parents’ Night Out


Unlock Your Evening: Parents' Night Out at Snapology

Take a break and let us entertain the kids! Snapology’s Parents’ Night Out offers a fantastic evening for children aged 5 and up. Dive into a world of fun with our Hawaiian-themed Tropical Glow Bash, where kids will enjoy activities like glow-in-the-dark slime making, steel drum dance parties, and more.

Plus, we’ve got dinner covered with a delicious pizza meal included. It’s the perfect opportunity for parents to enjoy some well-deserved time off while the kids have the time of their lives.

Book your child’s spot now and enjoy a worry-free evening out! Spaces are limited, so don’t wait to give yourself the night off you deserve.

March 29th Workshop Line-up


Ages 4-7

AM – Kinderbots Robotics: Flower and Goal Kicker (using LEGO® Spike Prime® Robotics Kits) 

PM – Jr Scientist: Life Cycles & Animal Explorers: Backyard Habitats

Full day options available.

Ages 8-12

AM – Machines & Contraptions: Space Car & Catapult

PM -Creature Creator Robotics: Mantis & Bee

2023-2024 Workshop Schedule

Secure your spot now! Limited seats available in our Snapology workshops. Don’t wait, they fill up fast!

Important Information: Although parents are always welcome, we encourage independent children aged 4 and above, who can handle restroom needs on their own, to be dropped off for our School-Year Workshops.

Location: Snapology Discovery Center 1571 Manheim Pike Lancaster, PA 17601

To quickly find our workshops…

Step 1)  Expand each month by clicking on the small “-” sign on the right of the date box

Step 2) Click on the title of the workshop to see a description, available seats, and for the registration button

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ADDITIONAL MONTHS COMING SOON (Click here to see list of full year)

March School's Out Workshops
Friday  3/29/24 
For ages 4-7 years
9 am – 12 pm*Kinderbots Robotics: Flower & Goal Kicker
1 pm-4 pmJr Scientist: Life Cycles and Animal Explorers: Backyard Habitats 
9 am-4 pmFull Day
For ages 8-12 years (3rd-6th grade)
Machines and Contraption: Space Car and Catapult
1 pm-4 pm*Creature Creator Robotics: Mantis and Bee
Full Day
* both robortics programs uses the LEGO® Spike Prime® Robotics Kits


May School's Out Workshops
Monday  5/27/24 
For ages 4-7 years
9 am – 12 pmPlanes, Trains, and Automobiles: Trains
1 pm-4 pmMilitary Patriots: Patriotism
9 am-4 pmFull Day
For ages 8-12 years (3rd-6th grade)
SuperStructures: History of Design
1 pm-4 pmMilitary Patriots: Patriotism
Full Day


More Ways to Experience Snapology

They will love you for taking them there.

Snapology is a great place for kids! It can be hard to pull them away from the video games and TV, but they will love you for taking them here. Snapology provides a unique learning experience that is both fun and educational! – Paul Prost via Google

Great instructors and great class content.

Great programs. My girls (7 & 9) have had wonderful experiences taking their classes over the past few years. Great instructors and great class content. - Melissa French via Google

The free play option is so convenient...

We are very impressed and happy with the staff, facility and programming at Snapology. The free play option is so convenient and offers a variety of fun and educational activities. The classes are also great and the kids are able to learn about many topics through play and creativity. The staff there are excellent at communication and do a great job with the kids. – Abby Foster via Google

I am thankful for Snapology!

My 7 year old loves this fun low pressure environment. The class structure is flexible and his confidence in his ability to be included has grown more than ever before. I am thankful for Snapology! - Jessica Dolphin via Google

The Power of Creative Play


“Almost all creativity requires purposeful play.” – Abraham Maslow

The strongest connections to concepts are formed when children discover and make sense of the world on their own through hands-on experiences. Play is interactive, and the concepts children discover build upon each other, leading to an even deeper knowledge and understanding.

Whether you have a child who already loves to tinker, design and build, or are looking for a way to sneak in the opportunity for your child to develop critical skills for their success in a fun and interactive way, Snapology has a program for you.

Our programs provide more than just building skills…

We build life skills.


Snapology gives kids an opportunity to express positive emotions through laughing, smiling and celebrating success.



Your child will be exposed to new vocabulary and will practice their presentation skills. They will discuss new concepts with fellow students and our instructor.

Problem Solving

Your child will be exploring complex engineering concepts like force, gear ratio torque and how to transform circular motion into linear movement. 


Our hands-on learning environment sparks creativity as children learn how to bring abstract ideas and new concepts to life.  


Children learn the value of collaboration as they work together on things like our fun “speed challenges”. Every session gives children the chance to problem solve together.  


Research suggests that block play helps children develop and apply abstract mathematical concepts to concrete, real world situations. 

Career Inspiration

Our building projects spark curiosity and may inspire kids to follow career paths in science, art, engineering and technology.

Fine Motor Skills & Matching

For younger students, placing and snapping blocks into place helps refine fine motor and matching skills.

It's so hard to find the right after school activity ...

It's so hard to find the right after school activity that is both convenient and inexpensive. Since Covid-19 has provided the benefit of me working from home, my son can enjoy an afternoon after school socializing and getting a quality STEM lesson once a week with kids his own age and with similar interests. – Erin Massey via Google

The staff at this center is amazing to work with...

My son had his last two birthday parties at Snapology in Lancaster and has also attended multiple free play sessions with my husband and 2 classes independently. The staff at this center is amazing to work with, from the owner to the teachers. Everything is well organized, the activities are age-appropriate and the kids are kept engaged the entire time! - Ashley Laymon via Google

He came home with new skills...

My son took a Minecraft stop motion class and LOVED it! Over the six week class, he worked with a partner to build a Minecraft inspired scene, learned how to do stop motion using a camera and laptop, and used Minifigures to make his own stop motion film. At the end of the class he felt so proud displaying his stop motion at the movie premiere! The best part? He came home with new skills and has been making his own Lego stop motion movies here. Thanks Snapology! – Stephanie Shaw via Google

At Snapology, we’re creating future scientists, engineers, artists and mathematicians, one brick at a time.