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Party Add-Ons!

Make your party extra-memorable by selecting one or both of these options.

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Lancaster Discovery Center Parties

Food add-ons are only for parties at the Lancaster Discovery Center.  No outside food or drink besides the birthday treat (cake or cupcakes) is allowed at the Lancaster Discovery Center.

Pizza & Drinks Package – $59.99

Perfect for parties that occur during lunch or dinner! We’ll serve your party-goers delicious, hand-made pizza made locally (not by a chain).

Includes 2 large cheese pizzas, double cut into 16 slices, 10 juice boxes and 10 waters.

One pizza not enough for your crowd? You can order an additional cheese pizza for $17.99 each, additional toppings for $3.00 each per pizza,  additional juice box and and water combo for $1.25 each, or just a juice box OR water for $.75 each.

Send everyone home with a smile AND a full stomach!

Cupcakes with Snapology Toppers $29.99

Perfect for every party! We’ll end your party with a celebration and delicious, locally made, cupcakes from Geneva Bakery topped with our fun cupcake toppers.

Includes 1 dozen cupcakes (chocolate or yellow cake) with your choice of toppings (icing- in chocolate or vanilla) with Snapology themed cupcake toppers (premium 3D printed toppers)

Add sprinkles or edible building blocks pieces at no additional charge!

Cupcakes can also be arrnaged into a “Cake” with Happy <child’s age > Birthday <child’s name>  writen on it. (expl. Happy 7th Birthday John)

Need more cupcakes, no problem. Add an additional half-dozen ($15) or dozen (29.99).



Pizza & Drinks & Cupcake Package – $79.99

Get all the details for all food packages

Bringing your own cupcakes? You can still get our awesome toppers! (available for purchase for all locations)  Click here to get the details

All Locations and To Go Parties


Goodie Bags $6.99 each

Make your child’s Snapology birthday party even more unforgettable with our fantastic selection of themed goodie bags! Say goodbye to the hassle of assembling them yourself because we’ve got you covered.

Imagine the joy on your little one’s face when their friends receive a specially crafted goodie bag, bursting with excitement and surprises! Our goodie bags are carefully designed to ensure maximum fun for every guest.

Inside each bag, you’ll find an adorable egg container that holds a delightful mini building block set, perfect for stimulating creativity and imagination. And what’s a party without temporary tattoos? Kids absolutely love them, so we made sure to include some of their favorites. And let’s not forget the stickers! These colorful treasures will have your child’s friends beaming from ear to ear.

Choose from a variety of captivating themes that will transport your party to another dimension of fun! Are your little adventurers fascinated by animals? We have a goodie bag that will ignite their wild side. If your party aims for the stars, our space-themed goodie bag is an absolute must-have. And for those who prefer a touch of whimsy, our fun monsters or transportation-themed bags will captivate their imaginations.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your child’s birthday party a truly extraordinary event. Let us handle the hassle of assembling goodie bags while you sit back and enjoy the smiles on your little ones’ faces. Trust us, they’ll be talking about this party for years to come! So go ahead and add these irresistible goodie bags to your Snapology birthday party package. Your guests will thank you, and your child will cherish the memories forever.


Dino Large-Egg Block Set $8.99

Perhaps your child dreams of a prehistoric party filled with roaring dinosaurs? We’ve got just the bag to bring the Jurassic era to life.

Within every bag, you will discover a charming egg-shaped case, containing an enchanting assortment of building blocks. This carefully curated set is designed to ignite your child’s creativity and foster imaginative play. Furthermore, no celebration would be complete without temporary tattoos, a beloved choice among children, which we have thoughtfully included. Additionally, we have included a selection of vibrant stickers, bound to bring joy and elation to your little one’s companions.

Add Premium Bags $1.99 each

Experience the ultimate delight in gifting with our extraordinary premium goodie bags, designed exclusively for your child’s birthday party!

Ignite the imagination of your little one’s friends with these enchanting and reusable cloth bags. Each bag becomes a cherished keepsake from their unforgettable time spent together!

Indulge in the luxury of our premium bag add-ons, available at an unbeatable price of just $1.99 each. Elevate the excitement of the celebration and give your guests a token of appreciation they won’t soon forget.

Unleash the magic of our premium bags and make your child’s birthday party an extraordinary affair!

Sarge S.

via Facebook

Snapology hosted an awesome birthday party for my 7-year old. The kids loved building a unicorn kitty and its kingdom! We had so much fun and I definitely recommend Snapology to anybody who wants to have an event where the kids stay interacting with each other.

James O.

via Google

I went with my boy/girl 4 1/2 year old twins for a birthday party today. Oh my goodness! this place is awesome! My kids had a blast as did the rest of the kids! The help...fantastic! Becka, Emily, heck all the employees were amazing! If you have kids, GO! Heck if you just like Legos, go! Loved it!

Jennifer J

via Google

We recently held a 6th birthday part at Snapology and it was a big hit! We had a large age range and none of the kids were bored. Becka was very responsive and helpful during the planning stages, and our hosts were great during the party! My kids loved it and can't wait to go back. Thank you, Snapology!

Frequently Asked Questions

What topic or themes do you offer?

For a full list of themes, click here.

How many people can I invite?

The capacity for the party varies by location and time.  The initial party fee covers up to 10 children. Other children can attend for an additional fee (between $10 and $14 depending on location.)

Lancaster:  LINK
Sweet Ride:  LINK
Hershey Gardens: LINK
“To Go” Party: LINK


What is the party schedule?

All of our parties follow the same general schedule. Parties are 90 minutes long, except for Hershey Gardens (which includes an additional 90 minutes to explore the Gardens and Butterfly Atrium).

  • The guest of honor and his/her family arrives 15 minutes before the party begins.
  • 5-10 minutes of free building while everyone arrives.
  • Structured activity led by our Snapologist (except for Free Play Party option). Interactive games or challenges if included in the theme.
  • Kids disassemble builds and return materials to bins (builds are not taken home).
  • Kids rotate through our Discovery Center Fun Stations (Lancaster only)
  • Enjoy pizza (if add-on was purchased – Lancaster only).
  • Enjoy birthday treat (or ice cream at Sweet Ride) and sing “Happy Birthday”
  • Optional: Open presents (Please let us know before hand if you plan to open presents at the party.)
  • More free play if time allows. (Hershey Gardens party attendees visit Gardens and Butterfly Atrium.)
  • Please plan for all your guests to depart at your scheduled time.
Can I bring my own food & drink?

You may bring a sweet treat such as a cake or cupcakes to any location where we host a party. Sweet Ride parties include ice cream so a cake may not be necessary.

We offer a Pizza Package that can be added to any party at our Lancaster location. For details, click here.

You may bring other food to Sweet Ride or Hershey Gardens. Please see the list of approved snacks for Hershey Gardens. (Click here.)

How long does the party last?

All parties are 90 minutes long with the exception of parties held at Hershey Gardens.  Hershey Gardens party attendees have an additional 60-90 minutes for a self-guided tour of the Gardens, Children’s Garden and the Butterfly Atrium after the Snapology  activities end.

How far in advance do I need to reserve a spot?

We recommend that you reserve your party as far in advance as possible.  Party spaces book fast, especially during the colder months. 

Do the party goers get to keep what they build?

Party goers do not get to keep what they build. However a goodie bag containing a mini building block set is available as an add-on so you can send kids home with a gift.

Do Snapology parties appeal to children of all ages?

One of the best things about Snapology is its wide appeal to children of all ages. We host parties for children from 4 years old to 14 years old. (Parents of all ages love them too!)

What extras do you offer?

We offer a pizza package for our Lancaster location and goodie bags for all party formats. Click here to see all the details.

Is it possible to have a private party at the Lancaster Center?

Yes, the Lancaster Center can be reserved outside of normal operating hours for an extra fee of $50. 

For more information about our birthday parties,
call 717-415-5486