Educational,  social, & fun filled programs that are a “snap” to plan!

Serving Preschools, Day Care Centers, Elementary Schools & Middle Schools in Lancaster County, Reading, Hershey, and the Surrounding Areas.

Engaging Assemblies

Assemblies that students are eager to attend, where teachers are excited for a focus on student learning and fostering social-emotional growth, and pricipals are thankful for the”no planning” factor.


Mobile Field Trips

With Snapology programs, your students will build social and problem solving skills and will be excited about learning and being creative.  Field trips that meet the needs of all students, regardless of their background or ability.

Summer Camps

Mobile STEM Programs and Field Trips

Say hello to stress-free summer planning with Snapology, where we provide everything including staff.  We do the heavy lifting with in-house programs at your facility through summer camps, STEAM provider programs, and summer field trips 

Pull-Out and Small-Group Programs

Year-round pull-out programs that give your staff a break with speciality classes where kids are excited for the opportunity to participateCustomizable programs that will foster your students’ imaginations and make learning fun. 

After-School Enrichment

Program that meets the needs of all students, regardless of their background or ability, without requiring travel to another location when school ends. We provide an opportunity for students to participate in playful, hands-on activities that encourage problem-solving.


A great way to incorporate a STEAM program without the heavy lifting, staff-hours, and equipment expenses. Reduce  stress and teacher-load by eliminating the hassle of keeping things organized and dealing with broken or lost equipment.  Kids who are not crazy about school will suddenly become eager to work on a STEAM project. 


Rave Reviews

Here’s what people are saying about Snapology programs. We invite you to check out all our reviews on Facebook and Google.

Michelle Y.

Reading School District, Administrator

I arranged for Snapology to come to our school for an on site class during our summer school program. We selected the Snapology Ninjas and Superheroes programs. There were about 35 students in attendance. The instructors were great and the students were engaged for the duration of the program. I highly recommend booking a program through Snapology.

Andrea H.

Mifflin Community Library, Children's Librarian

I have had the privilege to work with Snapology of Lancaster and Reading on both a personal and professional basis. My children have attended their programs and love them! This summer I worked closely with Snapology as the children’s librarian of a local library and we were able to offer and run camps at our library throughout the summer, as well as children’s programs and programs for teens as well. The instructors were amazing and many of the kids who attended formed new friendships along the way. I would highly recommend Snapology to everyone! Their programs are both relevant and engaging.

Andrea P

Burrowes Elementary School Lancaster, 5th grade teacher,

Snapology has been great for my 5th grade students! Their activities are engaging and teach them how to follow directions and work on a team. It also teaches them problem solving skills when they encounter mistakes. They are learning while having fun! They enjoy the coding and the moving technic pieces. If you are looking for an engaging, hands-on approach to learning, then I highly recommend Snapology. Ms. Serena is awesome too! We love her.

Customizable, engaging, fun, educational, 

and hassle-free field trips!

 What better way to add spark to your students’ learning than with a field trip with Snapology.  We’ll come directly to your door with everything your students need for an awesome experience. Or you can come to us. We offer field trips at our Discovery Center too.

With specialized themes to build problem-solving and life skills, you’re sure to find one that complements your curriculum. If by chance you can’t, we’ll work with you to customize a program that’s perfect for your students.

No matter which option you choose, we know your students, parents and staff will be delighted. We’ve hosted field trips for hundreds of kids and we know how to design learning programs they absolutely love!


Teach Critical Life Skills

As students work together, they will learn first-hand the importance of being able to communicate ideas clearly, weigh solutions, negotiate and decide on a course of action.  

Interactive, Hands-On Activities

Learning through play is one of the most effective ways to teach. Our activities bring abstract concepts in science, technology, engineering, art and math to life! 

No Transportation Costs

Our “on site” option is a cost-effective option for schools that don’t want to pay the extra cost of transporting students to another facility.

Student Safety First

When we come to you, you no longer have to  recruit lots of chaperones to track students off-site. 

We’ll Come to Your School or Summer Camp!

Choose from 2 format options for programs held right at your location. We can design programs for groups as small as 10, large groups of 100+ and everything in between. Programs can be held on one day or over several days.

Give us a call to find out more.

    TEAM Quad-Based, Large-Group Program

    This program is for larger groups or for sessions with multiple grades or ages at the same time. You must have at least 40 students and book for a minimum of 2 instructional-hours.

    Students work in groups of 4 (Quads) where they participate in age-appropriate building challenges.  These STEAM challenges inspire students to use teamwork, problem solving, and communication to reach a given goal.

    For this option, you will need to provide a large room, like a gym or cafeteria with multiple tables. The session is directed by Snapology staff, and children are assisted by your staff.

    The length of the program is determined by the number of students in attendance and the building challenges chosen.  In most cases you will need to schedule a 1-2 hour session for each group of 50-100 students.

    Fee: Varies depending on the number of hours and students.  2 instructioinal-hours minimum.

    o    40-76 students $500/ hour

    o   77-100 students $750/hour

    Idle time between classes is $75 per hour.

    Themes - K through 2nd grade
    • Architecture
      • Superstructures: Design Around Your Environment
      • Superstructures: Bridge Designer
      • Castles & Kingdoms: Castles
      • Brick City: City Planning
    • Natural Science
      • Animal Explorers: Animal Habitats
      • Scientist: Parts of a Plant
      • Scientists: Life Cycles
      • Discovering Dinosaurs:  Carnivores, Omnivores & Herbivores
      • Mining and Building: Zoo
    • Problem Solving
      • STEM Survivor: 2D Marble Run
      • Space Science: Spaceships
      • Scientist: Bridge Engineering 
    • Art
      • Story Builders: Story Setting
      • Brick Art & Design: Pop-Art Mosaic
    Themes - 3rd through 6th grade
    • Architecture
      • SuperStructures: Design Around Your Environment (Building Green)
      • SuperStructures: Architecture before 1600
      • SuperStructures: Bridge Designer
      • Castles and Kingdoms: Castles
    • Natural Science
      • Scientist: Ecosystems
      • Scientist: Water Cycle
      • Scientist: Life Cycle
      • Scientist: Parts of a Plant
      • Mining and Buidling: Zoo
    • Problem Solving
      • Space Science: Space Station
      • Scientist: Bridges Physics and Engineering
    • Art
      • Brick Art and Design Lab: Whimsical Landscapes
      • Brick Art and Design Lab: Pottery
      • Brick Art and Design Lab: Sculpture
      • Story Builders: Part of a Story 
    Themes - 6th through 8th grade
    • Architecture
      • SuperStructures: Architecture before 1600
      • SuperStructures: Architecture after 1800
    • Natural Science
      • Scientist: Ecosystems
      • Scientist: Life Cycle
    • Problem Solving
      • Space Science: Space Station
      • STEM Survivor: 3D Marble Run 
      • STEM Survivor:  Disaster Island
    • Art
      • Brick Art and Design Lab: Whimsical Landscapes
      • Brick Art and Design Lab: Pottery
      • Brick Art and Design Lab: Sculpture
      • Brick Art and Design Lab: Abstract Art

    Don’t have a group big enough for our Quad-Based program?  Then our Small-Group Direct Instruction Program might be just what you’re looking for…

    STEAM Small-Group Direct Instruction Program

    Best for a single class, grade level or age and smaller groups, this format focuses on a specific theme or objective. Each session is from 1-1.5 hours long. Complete program must be a minimum of 2 instructional hours.

    Our staff will collaborate with your teachers to customize a theme that complements your curriculum or we can choose a fun theme to introduce something new!

    Our direct instruction themes fall into the following categories:

    • Robotics
    • Engineering
    • Creative S.T.E.A.M.

    Within each category we have several topics to choose from, appropriate for kids from pre-kindergarten through middle school.

    Multiple sessions can be held on the same day. We typically book classes consecutively but there is the possibility to hold sessions simultaneously, staff permitting.

    Fee:  $300 per hour of up to 20 students.  $350 per hour for 21-26 students. Groups over 26 students must be split into two groups or done as a quad large-group program. Idle time between classes is $75 per hour.

    Assembly Programs

    Are you looking for an engaging and educational presentation for your next school assembly? Look no further than Snapology! Our presentations are designed to captivate students from grades K-8 with an interactive lesson and a hands-on activity.

    Our short programs are perfect for assemblies with 25-225 students. We offer a variety of themes to choose from including engineering, science, leadership, and more. Each presentation includes a short interactive activity that allows students to apply what they’ve learned in a fun and engaging way.

    Our experienced instructors will come to your school and set up all the necessary materials. We provide everything needed for the presentation, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. All you need to do is sit back and watch as your students are inspired by the world of STEM.

    Book a Snapology presentation for your next school assembly and watch your students’ imaginations soar!

    For this option, you will need to provide a large room, like a gym or auditorium.

    Fee: Varies depending on the number of hours and students. Minumum of 2-hours total time. Each session must be a minumum of 45-minutes.

    • 25-75 students $450 per hour
    • 75-125 students $550 per hour
    • 125-175 students $650 per hour
    • 175-225 students $750 per hour

    Preschool Programs

     In-facility field trips are the perfect way to add STEAM programming to your curriculum,
    without adding stress to your teachers and staff.

    STEAM Small-Group Direct Instruction Program

    Little learners are wired to explore the world around them. At Snapology, we believe that early education works best when it’s based on preschoolers’ natural curiosity and play. Building, tinkering, and experimenting are the foundations for this program.

    Our structured programs are designed just for your budding STEAM engineers, scientists, and builders. Inspired by a theme, our instructors will incorporate a STEAM building activity, related story-time, songs, movement, games and more.

    • 2-3 year old class:  30-45 minute program; maximum of 16 students
    • 3-4 year old class: 45-60 minute program; maximum of 16 students

    Fee:  $300 per hour for up to 16 students with a minimum of 2 hours. We will schedule classes one after the other. Groups of 16 or more may be split up into two groups.

    Do you have a larger group? We can do groups of 17-22 at $350 per hour. However, if possible we do recommend splitting groups and keeping numbers to 16 or below especially for children age 3 years and below.

    Available Themes for Structured Programs

    Themes for Ages 2-3 years
    • Shapes, Colors, and Counting – In this program, using DUPLO® bricks your little ones will begin to identify basic shapes, where those shapes appear in their environment, and recognize colors and numbers in a variety of ways.
    • ABCs & 123s – Children will learn their colors, shapes, letters, and numbers using DUPLO® bricks and other interactive learning toys during this fun program.
    • Junior Creator’s Club – Participate in various creative play activities using DUPLO® bricks designed to promote the creative, social and expressive skills of children.
    Themes for Ages 3-5 years
    • Jr. Engineers– Young students build fun and simple models using DUPLO® blocks.
    • Jr. Scientists – Examine the differences and similarities between animals using Kid K’NEX® pieces. While exploring the animal world students will be gaining critical social, motor, and developmental skills.
    • Planes, Train & Automobiles Jr. – Your little learners will explore the importance of transportation and build models using Kid K’NEX®.
    • Jr. Animal Explorers – Through stories, games, and building animals with DUPLO® blocks, your little learner will be busy exploring biomes of the world while gaining critical social and developmental skills without even realizing it!.
    • Discovering Dinosaurs – Students will travel far back in time and explore the world of the stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus, and raptors. They will identify basic body parts, habitats, and diets of some of their favorite dinosaurs, all while practicing counting and colors, and having fun!

    Large-Group STEAM Station Program

    Our station based programs are perfect for groups of 20-60 preschool students.  Students rotate through interactive building stations with engaging themes created for little learners.

    Our preschool themed interactive stations are designed to engage and educate young minds in a fun and interactive way. Our experienced teachers lead the activities, ensuring that your students are not only having fun, but also learning and growing.

    Preschool children are at an age where they are rapidly developing their cognitive and motor skills. Preschool play at themed interactive stations using  Jr K’Nex, Duplo Blocks, and Duplo Engineering Bricks can help enhance these skills in a fun and engaging way.

    Improves Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills: Playing with Jr K’Nex, Duplo Blocks, and Duplo Engineering Bricks allows children to experiment and explore different ways to build structures. They learn how to problem-solve and think critically to create something new and unique.

    Enhances Creativity and Imagination: Preschool play at themed interactive stations using these building toys encourages children to use their imagination to create their own unique designs. They can also build upon pre-designed structures to make them their own.

    Develops Fine Motor Skills: Manipulating the various pieces of Jr K’Nex, Duplo Blocks, and Duplo Engineering Bricks helps children develop their fine motor skills. The small movements needed to connect the pieces improve their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

    Encourages Socialization: Playing with others at themed interactive stations using these building toys encourages preschoolers to socialize and collaborate with their peers. They can work together to build structures, share ideas, and solve problems.

    Promotes Language Development: Building with blocks also promotes language development. Children can talk about what they are building, describe their creations, and interact with their peers.

    For this option, you will need to provide a large room, like a gym or cafeteria with multiple tables. The session is directed by Snapology staff, and children are assisted by your staff.

    Fee: Varies depending on the number of hours and students.  2 instructioinal-hours minimum.

    • 20-30 students $375 per hour
    • 31-40 students $500 per hour
    • 41-50 students $625 per hour
    • 51-60 students $750 per hour

    Want to Go Off-Site? Come To Our Discovery Center!


      Rotating Station Play Plus

      This format combines the best of both options;  a 1-hour structured class and 1-hour of creative play time in the Discovery Center. 

      The structured class can be set up for one age group, or broken down by age/ability. Structured themes include Robotics, Engineering, Creative S.T.E.A.M. or creative pop-culture. Within each theme we have approximately 4-12 topics to choose, appropriate for kids from preschool through middle school. 



      Rotating Station Play Only

      Bring your entire class to our Discovery Center where they can experience different building activities.

      Students rotate through our interactive, educational stations at their leisure for 2 hours. Our stations change from time to time and include a variety of LEGO® building stations, robotics stations, race car building and racing station, marble runs, Kinect station and others.


      Special “Zoom Info Sessions” for Teachers & Principals

      Request a quick 30-minute live, individual or group Zoom-session
      and leave with all the info you need to make a decision. 

      Teachers' Sessions

      Learn how we can partner to bring an interactive Snapology program to your classroom. A great addition as a culminating project or a stand alone reward for your students.

      Principals' Sessions

      Learn how we can partner to bring an experience that’s meaningful, memorable and fun that your staff and students will love!

      For more information about our field trips,
      call 717-415-5486