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Assembly Programs

Engaging, hands-on, fun, educational, and hassle-free!

Are you looking for an engaging and educational presentation for your next school assembly? Look no further than Snapology! Our presentations are designed to captivate students from grades K-8 with interactive lessons and hands-on activites.

Our short programs are perfect for assemblies with 25-100 students. Our experienced instructors will come to your school and set up all the necessary materials. We provide everything needed for the program, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. All you need to do is sit back and watch as your students are inspired.

At Snapology, we’re revolutionizing the assembly experience by transforming it from passive observation to active participation. Our unique assembly programs are designed to immerse students in a hands-on, interactive learning environment unlike any other. Gone are the days of sitting quietly and listening; with Snapology, students become the heart of the action, engaging directly with materials, ideas, and each other.

Our programs stand out by offering:

  • Interactive Learning: Each assembly is a dynamic journey where students actively dive into problem-solving and teamwork exercises. Through hands-on activities, they explore and tackle challenges, sharpening their critical thinking and cooperation skills. The emphasis is on the process of discovery and the development of lasting skills that go beyond the classroom.
  • Hands-On Engagement: We believe in the power of tactile learning. Students engage with a variety of materials to explore concepts and bring their ideas to life, fostering a tangible connection to the lessons learned.
  • Collaborative Experiences: Working in pairs or small groups, students learn the value of teamwork and shared ideas, enhancing their communication and social skills.
  • Creative Exploration: Our programs are designed to spark imagination, encouraging students to think outside the box and see challenges as opportunities for creativity.

These core principles ensure that every Snapology assembly is not just an educational activity but a memorable event that actively engages students’ minds and bodies. Now, let’s dive into our exciting themes.


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Creativity and Problem Solving: Putting It All Together

Piecing it All Together” is an engaging assembly program that brings the themes of creativity and problem-solving to life. Over the course of 45 minutes, students will embark on a collaborative journey, learning the importance of seeing challenges as opportunities for innovation.

Through partner and small group activities, students will engage in exercises that not only encourage them to think creatively but also to implement potential solutions in a tangible way. This program is crafted to highlight the process of brainstorming, trial and error, and collaboration, showing students that every problem has multiple solutions.

As students work together to construct and deconstruct, they will learn valuable lessons in flexibility, perseverance, and the satisfaction of collaborative success. “Piecing it All Together” is more than just a theme; it’s an immersive experience that fosters a can-do attitude and a deep understanding that creativity and problem-solving are skills that can be developed and enjoyed.

By choosing “Piecing it All Together” for your school, you’re opting for an assembly that promises to be interactive, hands-on, and impactful, ensuring students are not just passive listeners but active participants in a rich learning experience.

Communication, Creativity, Building Character: Story Builders- Your Story

Story Builders: Create Your Own” is an inspiring assembly program that weaves together the themes of communication, creativity, and character building into an interactive experience. This unique program invites students to explore the art of storytelling, transforming abstract concepts of resilience and overcoming challenges into engaging, tangible creations.

At the heart of this assembly, students are encouraged to think deeply about their own experiences, identifying moments of personal growth and challenge. W This program creatively integrates the process of constructing settings and characters and enabling students to visualize and share their stories in a collaborative environment.

The essence of “Story Builders: Create Your Own” lies in its ability to foster a supportive space for expression and reflection. Students learn the significance of storytelling not just as a means of communication, but as a powerful tool for self-understanding and inspiring others. Through interactive and hands-on engagement, they develop not only their storytelling and creative skills but also build empathy and understanding as they listen to the experiences of their peers.

This program is designed with the core principles of interactive learning, hands-on engagement, collaborative experiences, and creative exploration. It promises an assembly experience that is not only educational but impactful, empowering students to see their stories as valuable lessons that contribute to their character and to the wider community.

Choosing “Story Builders: Create Your Own” for your school offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in a meaningful exploration of their own narratives, promoting a culture of creativity, resilience, and mutual respect. It’s an innovative approach to assembly programs, ensuring students are active participants in a rich, empowering learning experience.

Individual Strengths, Diversity & Inclusion, Teamwork: What Makes Us Super

Dive into the empowering world of “What Makes Us Super,” an innovative assembly program that celebrates individual strengths, diversity and inclusion, and the power of teamwork. This interactive session invites students to explore and recognize their unique abilities, and to understand the incredible value of bringing diverse talents together to achieve common goals.

The beginning of the program encourages students to reflect on their own strengths and abilities, inspiring a sense of personal identity and self-esteem. This sets the stage for a journey of self-discovery, where each student identifies what makes them special in their own way.

The program progresses into a collaborative challenge that puts students in the role of superheroes, tasked with overcoming a communal obstacle. This segment highlights the critical skills of communication and respect, as well as the value of pooling diverse strengths to achieve a common objective. It’s a dynamic exercise in teamwork and problem-solving, where students learn the importance of each individual’s contribution and the power of working together harmoniously.

Throughout “What Makes Us Super,” the emphasis is on interactive learning, hands-on engagement, and fostering collaborative experiences. Students are encouraged to express themselves, share their ideas, and listen to the perspectives of others, creating an environment of mutual respect and inclusion.

By participating in “What Makes Us Super,” students will not only identify and celebrate their own strengths but also appreciate the diversity around them and the benefits of working together. This assembly program offers a unique blend of personal development and social learning, ensuring students leave with a heightened sense of their own potential and the value of teamwork.

Choosing “What Makes Us Super” for your school means opting for an assembly that is rich in educational value, deeply interactive, and impactful. It’s an opportunity to nurture a community where every student recognizes their superpowers and understands the incredible achievements possible when they unite their powers for the common good.

Communication, Teamwork: Mind Reader

Mind Reader” is an inventive assembly program designed to spotlight the essential skills of communication and teamwork through a lens of challenge and discovery. This session offers students a unique opportunity to engage in exercises that emphasize the intricacies of verbal communication, particularly when direct visual cues are absent, and teamwork becomes crucial to success.

Central to the session is the exploration of how effectively we can convey complex ideas, such as construction concepts, using only our words. Students are put to the test in scenarios that simulate the challenges of giving and receiving instructions without the aid of visual confirmation. This setup is designed to highlight the skills necessary for clear communication and the common obstacles that can hinder our ability to understand each other fully.

The program is structured to demonstrate the importance of precise language, active listening, and asking clarifying questions. Students are prompted to think critically about the way they communicate and to practice strategies for improving their verbal interactions. The activities underscore the notion that while conveying ideas without visual aids can be challenging, it’s an excellent way to refine our communication skills.

“Mind Reader” not only reinforces the value of effective communication but also illustrates how these skills are fundamental to successful teamwork. Students learn that achieving a common goal often requires patience, adaptability, and a shared understanding, all cultivated through practice and reflection.

By participating in “Mind Reader,” students gain a deeper appreciation for the complexity of communication and the pivotal role it plays in collaboration. The program is a compelling blend of interactive learning and hands-on engagement, designed to equip students with the tools they need for effective teamwork in any context.

Opting for “Mind Reader” for your school means choosing an assembly that is educational, engaging, and impactful, ensuring students become more adept communicators and team members, ready to tackle the challenges of working together with confidence and skill.

Book a Snapology program for your next school assembly and watch your students’ imaginations soar!

For this option, you will need to provide a large room, like a gym or auditorium.

Fee: Varies depending on the number of hours onsite and number of students. Minumum of 2-sessions per visit required. Each session must be a minumum of 45-minutes.

25-49 students $300 per onsite hour

50-74 students $375 per onsite hour

75-99 students $450 per onsite hour

100-124 studets $525 per onsite hour

125-149 students $600 per onsite hour

150-200 students $675 per onsite hour

Custom Station Based Assemblies

Immerse your students in interactive learning with Snapology’s customizable station-based assemblies! Tailored to fit your chosen theme or curriculum, our hands-on programs ignite creativity as students rotate through 2-3 dynamic stations. Using LEGO® Bricks or Jr. K’Nex®. Students ages 4-12 explore, build, and collaborate, making every assembly an unforgettable educational experience. Perfect for groups of 50-200.

Fee: Varies depending on the number of hours onsite and number of students. Minumum of 2-sessions per visit required. Each session must be a minumum of 60 minutes with a 5-minute transition time between each session.

50-120 Students/hour $600 per onsite hour
121-200 Students/hour $800 per onsite hour

Special “Info Sessions” for Teachers & Principals

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Rave Reviews

Here’s what people are saying about Snapology programs. We invite you to check out all our reviews on Facebook and Google.

Michelle Y.

Reading School District, Administrator

I arranged for Snapology to come to our school for an on site class during our summer school program. We selected the Snapology Ninjas and Superheroes programs. There were about 35 students in attendance. The instructors were great and the students were engaged for the duration of the program. I highly recommend booking a program through Snapology.

Andrea H.

Mifflin Community Library, Children's Librarian

I have had the privilege to work with Snapology of Lancaster and Reading on both a personal and professional basis. My children have attended their programs and love them! This summer I worked closely with Snapology as the children’s librarian of a local library and we were able to offer and run camps at our library throughout the summer, as well as children’s programs and programs for teens as well. The instructors were amazing and many of the kids who attended formed new friendships along the way. I would highly recommend Snapology to everyone! Their programs are both relevant and engaging.

Andrea P

Burrowes Elementary School Lancaster, 5th grade teacher,

Snapology has been great for my 5th grade students! Their activities are engaging and teach them how to follow directions and work on a team. It also teaches them problem solving skills when they encounter mistakes. They are learning while having fun! They enjoy the coding and the moving technic pieces. If you are looking for an engaging, hands-on approach to learning, then I highly recommend Snapology. Ms. Serena is awesome too! We love her.

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