Your Middle Schooler Is Ready for a New Way of Thinking.


We’ve got the perfect program to encourage it.


The adolescent brain is a beautiful thing!

Young adolescents are ready to think beyond the concrete and flex their skills at planning, deducing, and thinking abstractly.

At the same time, your adolescent’s brain is highly “neuroplastic” – meaning that it’s structure, connections, and the way it functions can be changed through experiences.

In other words, your adolescent’s brain is primed to learn new things, and just as important…a new way of thinking, if it’s put in the right environment.

That is exactly why our middle school program is different than our elementary programs.

At Snapology, we give middle schoolers an opportunity to practice higher level thinking skills in an environment where trial and error, persistence and resilience are rewarded!

It’s the perfect way for your adolescent to develop advanced problems solving skills and a growth mindset that will stay with them for the rest of their lives .

Announcing Snapology’s
Middle School Program

Our middle schoolers work for a longer period of time than our elementary kids on one challenge or creation. Each month we introduce a new theme and students work for 4 weeks to complete it along with their peers.  This way students learn the value of testing ideas, collaborating with others, and committing to see a project through until it’s done.

Students can enroll at any time during the year, but they must wait until the beginning of the month to start class. Enrollment is for a minimum of 4 weeks so that they can achieve the goal for the month.



Snapology gives kids an opportunity to express positive emotions through laughing, smiling and celebrating success.



Your middle schooler will be exposed to new vocabulary and will practice their presentation skills. They will discuss new concepts with fellow students and our instructor.

Problem Solving

Your middle schooler will be exploring complex engineering concepts like force, gear ratio torque and how to transform circular motion into linear movement.


Our hands-on learning environment sparks creativity as middle schoolers learn how to bring abstract ideas and new concepts to life.


Kids learn the value of collaboration as they work together on things like our fun “speed challenges”. Every session gives kids the chance to problem solve together.


Research suggests that manipulating with blocks helps middle schoolers develop and apply abstract mathematical concepts to concrete, real world situations.

Career Inspiration

Our building projects spark curiosity and may inspire kids to follow career paths in science, art, engineering and technology.


Class Schedule

Classes begin the week of September 5th.
Students may join any time between September 2022 and May 2023.

6th – 8th Grade
(Starting Oct. 20th)

 Thursdays Only

Homeschool:  2:00 – 3:15 pm
Afterschool:  6:00 – 7:15 pm

Snapology also offers classes for children in K-5th grade.


K – 1st Grade

Mondays or Thursdays

Homeschool:  12:30 – 1:45 pm
Afterschool:  4:30 – 5:45 pm

2nd – 3rd Grade

Mondays or Thursdays

Homeschool:  12:30 – 1:45 pm
Afterschool:  4:30 – 5:45 pm

4th – 5th Grade

Mondays or Thursdays

Homeschool:  2:00 – 3:15 pm
Afterschool:  6:00 – 7:15 pm

At Snapology, we’re creating future scientists, engineers, artists and mathematicians, one brick at a time.

Pick the Perfect Plan for You

Like thousands of kids across the country, we know your child will love our program, but we understand you might not be ready to commit to a monthly program. That’s why we offer a 4-week introductory program.

Explore the options below to pick the program that suits your family best.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes take place?

Times and dates are determined by the location where the classes are held, by the grade level and whether the session is for homeschool students.

Please see the individual schedules linked below.

Lancaster Center Schedule – Tap Here
Derry Township Community Center Schedule – Tap Here
St. Joan of Arc (only for students enrolled at St. Joan of Arc) – Tap Here

What is the fee?

We have two pricing options.

The most cost effective option is to enroll in our monthly program. Simply sign up for 2 consecutive months to get this special rate and keep it for as long as you remain enrolled during the academic year.  This only requires a commitment of 2 consecutive months. After that time, you can cancel at any time with 30 days notice.

This option comes with other bonuses. See all the details here.

Students can start and end enrollment at any time during the year.

The second option is to enroll for one 4-week session at a time. See details here.

When do classes start?

Snapology classes work on a rolling schedule. Students can join the program any time during the year. You do not have to wait until the start of the fall or spring semester to start. Middle school students start at the beginning of each month. 

Do I have to sign up for the entire semester or school year?

You do not have to sign up for the entire semester or school year. However it is less expensive to sign up with our monthly option if your child will be attending classes for a minimum of 2 consecutive months. You can cancel your child’s enrollment any time after 2 months with 30 days notice.

For students who will only be attending sporadically, or don’t wish to take a minimum of 2 months of classes, we have a 4-week session fee. 

Still not sure? We have a special “2 for $20” Trial session available until October 19th. Classes begin October 20th. To register, click here.

Can I sign up for a single class?

No, middle schoolers must sign up for a minimum of 4 classes to give them enough time to complete the theme and challenge assigned for the month.  

What topics or themes do you offer?

Our classes include a variety of themes and topics like robotics, engineering, video game design, animation, mechancial masterminds, machines & contraptions, architecture & superstructures, Star Wars, Minecraft, super heroes and more. Themes rotate throughout the year.

Does Snapology offer birthday parties?

Yes! Snapology is a great place to host birthday parties. We’ll also come to you! It’s fun for the kids and stress-free for the parents. For more information, click on the chat bubble in the corner of the page to connect with us or send us a message. You can also call us at 717-719-4154.

Does Snapology offer class field trips?

Yes! Snapology can go to your child’s school and host an on-site field trip, or your child’s class can visit the Lancaster Discovery Center. For details, click on the chat bubble in the corner of the page to connect with us or send us a message. You can also call us at 717-719-4154 . 

How can I contact you if I have more questions?

Click on the chat bubble in the corner of the page to connect with us or send us a message. You can also call us at 717-415-5486 or visit us at the Snapology Discovery Center, 1571 Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601.